Monday, September 7, 2009

Unholy TERROR.

I don't want to go back to school. It's a bad feeling. I've felt so great so far and now there's this new kid. First of all, I'm not supposed to have kindergartners. Secondly, he's mean and will probably end up with a label of ED. I'm not convinced he's really in the best placement right now, even though he's mine in the AM and with the autism RR in the PM even though he isn't really autistic, she's just doing a special reading thing in the afternoon. The para who followed him and is turning out to be a 1:1 from the RR coddles him. He has what looks to be a behavior disorder (as opposed to an emotional one). He's manipulative. He shouldn't get comforting hugs for being a jerk to me and throwing things at me. He knows what he's doing, he feels no remose, and doesn't care about pretty much anything. "I don't care" is one of his standard answers. So I have to go talk to my principal and see what we can do. This other teacher is great and is always on the same page with me. Her way of dealing with him is the same as mine would be, but nothing like what this one para does. I want to do a lot more ignoring than she is. We'll have to have a discussion.

Also, why the hell doesn't he have a behavior plan? Sigh. You know, it's just the adult thing. The three of us in there can deal with unholy terrors. They've gotten good at that. My Alex used to knock desks over and throw food on the ground when he was mad at them. When I babysat him as a little kid he would pull my hair and bite and kick. It's having the extra adult in there who isn't with us, and who thinks she's God's gift to troubled kids. I understand some kids need that nurturing, but he isn't one of them. So I'm off to speak with my principal in the morning. I'm scared because she used to be a lifeskills teacher and so she'll expect nothing but the best from me, and she WILL know what that looks like, or thereabouts. I want her advice, but I also want to do something about this para. Either make her go back to the other teacher's room, send another para entirely, or leave the kid with us. We can handle it. And we'll do it our way.


Gina said...

Oh goodness. Good luck.

Not with the kid. He, you can handle.

The adult.

I swear it's never the kids.

Well. Rarely.

Miss Emily said...

It's the kid. Really. I mean, she's not helping, but I worked in ED and I've seen kids who have problems, and he's one of them. He needs psychological support, not just educational, and I really hope he gets it someday. But luckily today was much better. If I can make her disappear, and he realizes it's just me, we will be ffine. But as long as she's standing there, he knows he can cling to her and then I'm reduced to the annoying helper. I hope tomorrow is better. Luckily the para is going back to her room and the classroom teacher is coming to help me instead. She and I are cool. I want to see how SHE deals with him. hmm. Interested.

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