Thursday, June 4, 2009

And now for something completely different.

A photo post! I'm a photographer but I don't think I post many pictures to this blog. There are quite a few but the captions are quick, so take a look! Walking around with a camera is my happy place. Anywhere where a picture is possible, and I have my camera, I am happy. I also love Photoshop.

Out in below zero weather taking pictures on a snow day. I was almost frosbitten when I got back, but it was worth it.

From student teaching in Indy. The snow was still out with a vengeance but the sun was shining and it was beautiful outside. This is one of my all time favorites. Well, all of these are in my favorites.

Something I love so much and I can't explain why. I just love it. I often love pictures for reasons I don'tr know and most of the time other people don't really get the pictures I like.

Memorial Day weekend at my parents' house.

I took a quick drive up to MI and found this amazing place that doesn't even look like it belongs in the Midwest.

Notre Dame. Caption from flickr: "afraid of what i do not know
out of the silence i can’t let go
the wind sings sweetly through my dreams
slower than my empty arms can reach

falling down on me
slowly keeping me breathing
like i’ve never inhaled life like this before
til now"

More from trip to Michigan.

From my 365. Quote on photo:
"I was their prisoner and I choked with it. But I too much feared the darkness beyond." Iris Murdoch, A Severed Head

(i want to want to be set free)


New favorite of my goddaughter

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Maxie said...

I love the picture of the flowers from your parents' house. Really pretty!