Friday, June 19, 2009

Sometimes, knowing the answer doesn't even help.

Sometimes, the answer is as unclear as the question.

And sometimes, the answer is just plain unsatisfying.

I'm going to take a very hot shower. Sometimes crying is cathartic and it makes me feel better. Right now it just makes me feel like I'm a child again, and acting like one.

Is there merit in the element of surprise? To spontaneity? Is there a limit?

It's storming. Maybe God's being emo too. :)


Leo MacCool said...

"Sometimes, the answer is as unclear as the question."

true, dat. hope your shower helped and you're feeling better. and by the way? your recent pictures are beautiful. love the pink hair. whenever i see a girl with pink hair, i think, i'm going to like her. and i'm almost always right.

Miss Emily said...

Thanks, Leo! The shower did help. I felt much cleaner and more alert. I love my pink hair too. I feel more myself with the pink than with anything else I've ever had.